John Swanda

John Swanda grew up in Oklahoma City. He earned a B.S degree in Journalism at Baylor University, where he became interested in photography. After a stint in the Army, he moved to San Francisco, where he earned a B.F.A in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and a M.A. in Art from San Francisco State University. He worked for Donald Jones Photography as photo lab manager for 10 years. When Donald Jones passed away, he bought the company with Sheryl Schindler. After largely changing over from film to digital, they changed the company name to Swanda & Schindler Digital Photography.

Sheryl Schindler Sheryl Schindler started out studying to be an engineer but a photography class changed her future path. She has studied photography at San Francisco State University, the Academy of Art and by working with other photographers. In 1986, she became a partner in Donald Jones Photography and with John Swanda, has grown the business into Swanda & Schindler Digital Photography. Sheryl has since left the business to persue other interests.
Sigourney Sigourney arrived by bike messenger, a wet kitten rescued from a rainstorm. The messenger said, "I can't take her with me" so she moved into our photography studio. She seeks out unique light, especially sunlight. Her specialty is customer relations. You will find her around the studio, making sure that our clients enjoy their photography sessions even though she is a bit camera shy.
109 Geary St., 3rd Fl.

San Francisco CA 94108

(415) 982-4432


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